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Some names are without meaning but the Get Real Alliance name has real meaning.  Getting Real about a wide range of issues that usually currently have irrational and even self-destructive programs is badly needed.  We started with the climate issue as the Proposals are so bad and do so little to help resolve the issue of rising carbon dioxide levels.  Our rational and affordable program can make the world carbon negative in just a few years with a global program.  Revitalizing the world’s soils and sharply reducing soil erosion and desert growth have many other benefits including making man’s long-term survival possible.  The current Paris climate accord does little to even slow rising levels as it totally ignores the largest emitter that is growing in emissions.  The United States has actually cut its emissions with the wise substitution of natural gas powerplants for some of the very dirty coal plants. If we are to get real about CO2 we need to phase out the remaining coal plants quickly not preserve them for decades as many Democrats mandate.  Boosting photosynthesis and increased soil carbon levels can make America quickly carbon-negative while we still use oil and natural gas for a long time. 
If we get real about solar we see that it is an intermittent source that can go days without producing power when it is cloudy and even on a seemingly sunny day there can be many severe sharp declines in output as the cloud blocks the sun temporarily.  See our articles in the blog about the solar output for real solar data, not wishful thinking!!    Solar can provide some power but needs natural gas backup to not create an unreliable power subject to short and long-term blackouts. 
If we get real about batteries we realize that proponents talk about how many homes a battery bank can power but fail to mention the power only lasts a few hours at the stated rate.  It would be exorbitant to have enough batteries to last several days and would require a very large number of solar panels to charge all the batteries at a cost 20 or more times than the stated nameplate cost per ideal kilowatt. 

Frankly, so many things in our society are irrational and not sustainable that there are a lot of other topics to work on overtime as we have time and resources.  Our founder and a key source of insights need people to develop and document his revelations so they are convincing positions to make the world more rational and better.  Please go to our donate page and make a recurring donation to help us make your world a better place.  You can leave comments about things you want to see a better solution for.