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This is an example of how social needs should be met by private charity rather than super expensive and wasteful government spending.  This program gives away a big shopping cart of food to needy families for less than a dollar a family and they can come back as much as they need.  IF we get real about needs we realize that private charity is the answer and needs to be encouraged.  The founder of GET Real Alliance made the critical large donation to help them buy the badly needed old grocery store to move into out of the parking lot of a small church.  Critical timing that has saved so many people.  Sadly due to horrible tax laws his donation was not even fully deductible meaning he had to make extra income over the donation to pay the tax due on 40% of the donation!!!  This is wrong but shows how government really hates private charity as it makes them look so bad.  Help us with a monthly donation so that we can help spread the word about our mission and use some money to help charities like this.  All the is needed for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

David Munson,  

We would like to express our gratitude for the financial donation to help us make the down payment on 2019 N. Masters, Dallas, 75217. As you know, we opened the Inspired Vision Compassion Center on January 20, 2020. It has been a lifesaving center during the pandemic. In 2020, we gave groceries to 334,023 families. During the freeze, this past week, there was so much desperation for food, warm clothing, blankets, and water. We were able to meet so many people’s needs. Friday, February 19, 2021, we gave groceries to 2012 families in one day. We average 1800 families a day coming for groceries. Your donation was an investment in life saving. 

We are genuinely concerned about the children in poverty. At Christmas, WFAA raised toys for us. We were able to give toys and goodie bags to 6024 children, who would not have had Christmas, otherwise. We also had a school supply and uniform giveaway where we clothed and gave school supplies to several thousand children, at the beginning of the school year. We have provided hundreds of winter coats for children. At Graduation and Prom time, Seniors had to give up so much, because of the closures this year. Trying to make it easier on these students we provided Prom and Graduation clothing for high school and college graduations. We also gave gifts to each graduate that came in. 

The Medical need is so great in this area of Dallas. We are trying to meet that need. The Life Saving Foundation has set up a clinic for free medical for children, in our building. Children can get free doctors, vaccinations, medicine, and x-rays at the clinic. Parkland is setting up a virtual clinic in one room of our building, so that people who cannot get to Parkland, will be able to have a virtual visit with a doctor. Life Savers Foundation also has a mobile sonogram and pregnancy testing center, for women, that comes to our parking lot. 75217 zip has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation. We are trying to provide healthcare for these women, to have healthier babies. Plans are being made to install the sonogram equipment in one of the rooms at the Compassion Center. 75217 also has the highest mortality rate for children, along with the highest cancer rate, highest diabetes rates, among other highest rates in the DFW metroplex. 

We work with the Faith Health Collaborative. This consists of the major hospitals in the  Dallas area, working with faith organizations to better serve Dallas. They purchased a scanner card system for us to log in the people with the Iris program, used by Parkland. Parkland provided us with the Iris program. In this program, we can refer people to the hospitals, and hospitals can refer their patients to us, for other help. This is a great collaboration.  

When Covid 19 caused closures, the SPCA came to us. They told us that many families were having to surrender their pets, because they could not feed them. We partnered with SPCA and Duck team 6 to provide animal food, so that pets could stay in their homes. We are also providing clinics for spay/neuter and vaccination of pets, with these organizations. 

So many babies need food and diapers. The Compassion Center has one room dedicated to baby’s formula, diapers, and equipment.  

We try to meet every need of families in poverty. We have a room of first aid supplies. We have people who need bandages, blood pressure cuffs, sugar monitors, etc. We can supply those things. We also supply crutches, wheelchairs, raised toilet seats, shower chairs and other home medical equipment, along with adult diapers and bed pads, to many sick and hurting people. We have a room of hygiene supplies and cosmetics. For disasters such as house fires, we have a room of household supplies, such as pillows, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies. 

Inspired Vision Compassion Center has been featured on the news channels, 14 times, this past year.  Pastor Karen Belknap, our founder, was chosen as “Woman of the Year” by CW33, because of the work at the Center. 

Our motto; Everyone eats! We do not have zip code restrictions. Anyone who needs groceries can come, Monday to Friday from 9:30am-5pm, get in the line, fill out a form and get groceries.  

There is enough day-old food, overruns, and short dated food, to feed every hungry person in the world. This food goes to the landfills, to create toxic gases. We ask companies to donate this food to us. We distribute it to families in need. It not only saves the environment, but it feeds masses of people who would be hungry, otherwise.  It is a win/win for everyone. Our dream is to use this first center as a model for other centers. We would like to set up these centers in other pockets of poverty. There are many old grocery store buildings in poverty areas that are food deserts. We can purchase these buildings very inexpensively.  

Thank you again for believing in our dream that no one goes hungry! You have helped us save lives! 


Pastor Karen Belknap, Dr. Teadran White, Trevelan Belknap and the Inspired Vision Compassion Center team.