Get Real Alliance

Get Real

The phrase “GET REAL” is a somewhat insulting way to say to someone who is being irrational to think rationally.  It is an appropriate thing to say when confronted with stupidity.  Sadly sometimes people do believe irrational and counterproductive things innocently but sometimes they have a hidden agenda that drives their beliefs.  The problem is that people really pay minimal attention to being rational and are often driven by beliefs even in the total absence of proof and or significant realistic possibility.

Stepping back and looking rationally at a situation means considering all things including the possibility that the current way is wrong.  One shocking thing is that human experts on average are wrong more than random chance in predicting the future.  They can also be mostly wrong at explaining life and other mysteries.  

Getting Real about things means also admitting that we don’t know everything and humility is a vital thing.  The existence of evil is belittled or denied by many even though there is so  much evidence that an evil force works on man. 

The GET REAL ALLIANCE is devoted to trying hard to look at things holistically and provide proposals that best fit the evidence and offer a good path for sustainable prosperity.  It was founded by an independent thinker who loves objective reality.  It has attracted like minded people who want to make the world a better, more rational place with a good future.

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