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“Environmental care should be our way of life”
– David Munson Jr

About GET REAL - A Positive Solution to Climate Change

GET REAL: A Positive Solution to Climate Change will revolutionize your understanding of the global climate issue.  Adapting land management practices to a holistic and regenerative model, David Munson Jr. lays out in plain words how industry and individuals can continue using oil & natural gas, but changes the game with his tangible program of remineralizing the soil and making the Earth carbon negative. How do we prevent ecological deserts? Or revitalize marine wetlands? What about solving the issue of topsoil erosion?  This book allows readers to “get real” about the issues facing our climate today – providing solutions for generations to come and challenging some conventional wisdom.

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Get Real - A Positive Solution to Climate Change

What Others Are Saying!

A refreshing read! A valuable overview of diverse technical knowledge in the field. 

Ryan Silva

As someone who is trying to be greener and trying to raise children who are aware of their carbon footprint, I thought this book was a great tool to have on hand to show them the bigger picture. 

Michael Duncanson

A must read for anyone who wants to learn more about the facts and data of the issue of climate change instead of only those facts and data put out to further political agenda.

Julia French

Scientific discussion of climate change, not based on opinions but rather hard facts. Climate change has been part of life since recorded history. People need to use science rather than sound bites from liberal left to make educated decisions.

Richard Acevedo

At long last, the REAL story about climate change! 

Maria Chechi

A comfortable read with solid climate change information. I applaud the author’s sense of what to include, and what to omit, while getting the reader to first base on climate change.

Maxwell Gilbert