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“Environmental care should be our way of life”
– David Munson Jr

Rock Dust can save the world from many things

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On Giving Tuesday I hope you will support a great charity that is doing so much to promote the use of basalt rock dust to improve growing conditions for all plants.  We live in a demineralized world where plants and animals including us are unhealthy due to a lack of essential minerals.  Both natural processes such as rainfall leaching and man’s agricultural practices of allowing lots of soil erosion lead to minerals going into the ocean.  We can really solve the climate issue by remineralizing the land and even oceans so that healthy plants sequester more carbon and live longer keeping the carbon from returning to the air.  Please visit their website and sign up for the newsletter and most importantly make a donation on Giving Tuesday.  Whether you are concerned about climate or the quality of food or both this positive solution needs your support and promotion.  So few know if the great success possible with rock dust remineralization and sadly some scientists who do know about it dismiss it in favor of manufactured chemical fertilizers which can do so much harm to soil life and water quality.  Please also join us at to promote our positive carbon solution that proposes large scale remineralization funded by an affordable carbon tax.  Both organization need members and support to give us a future.