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“Environmental care should be our way of life”
– David Munson Jr

Episode 2. The Miracle: Soil Life

About The Episode

In this episode, we delve into the importance of soil health and the invaluable role played by microorganisms within it. We clarify the distinction between composers and decomposers in soil and their influence on nutrient availability for plants. The episode draws attention to the diminishing nutrient density in modern agriculture and suggests remineralizing soil as a means to enhance plant nutrition. It introduces the key principles of regenerative agriculture, emphasizing the significance of avoiding synthetic chemicals, maintaining diverse soil coverage with crops, and advocating for composting and mulching practices.

The episode explores various perspectives in soil science, including the teachings of Dr. William Albrecht and the prevalent use of chemical fertilizers. It advocates for the use of affordable rock dust nutrients to rejuvenate soil and restore nutrient balances. Furthermore, the episode delves into the potential of permaculture and landscape restoration projects to regenerate vast landscapes.

In a special feature, Brian Russ from Sustainable Growth Texas provides insights on the importance of soil biology and describes the company’s approach to revitalizing soil, which involves utilizing compost extract and microbial products.