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I have a collection of books on biochar but this recent book sounds like a winner for growers and gardeners.  As you may know the ancients in Latin America created what is called Terra Preta using biochar.  This created soil is still fertile a thousand years later.  Acres USA has a number of books on biochar but are promoting this one which sounds great.  Go to to buy.

The Modern Grower’s Guide to Terra Preta

Caroline Pfützner


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Translated into English for the first time!

Author Caroline Pfützner introduces us to terra preta, or black earth of the Amazon, what is considered the most fertile soil in the world. Rightly so, because this ultra-rich, living material literally builds a permanent humus layer on the land. The true results of working with this almost miraculous substance are healthy plants and a rich harvest — without outside fertilizer inputs.

And even better, widespread use of terra preta would actively protect the climate.

This practical book by a world authority on the subject — available in English for the first time — practically guarantees success in production and application of terra preta whether in the garden, raised beds, larger growing operations, or simple balcony boxes. Practical examples from commercial-scale agriculture illustrate the true potential of terra preta.

Making black earth yourself. Learn step-by-step how to make top-quality terra pretayourself.
Using terra preta in your garden or farm. See how the author grows healthful, bountiful crops organically without synthetic fertilizer.
Practical in the extreme. Far from a cumbersome scientific text benefit from the rich, practical experience of the author.
Extensive background knowledge. Understand the deeper story — historical and scientific — of terra preta and its implications for modern times.

#7566 • Softcover • 176 pages • Copyright 2019