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Sunny Days – why solar energy isn’t the key

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Solar energy promoters talk about how cheap solar has gotten but use the deceiving peak solar output at Midday to make that claim.  What isn’t said is how many days don’t have peak sun or much sun hitting the ground at all.  This website provides information for Texas Cities sunshine:

You hear people talking about battery storage but what they don’t mention is how short term that battery storage is and how incredibly greater the number of batteries and extra solar panels to charge them would have to be to give power on even one cloudy day.  What the solar promoters don’t want to show you is how the solar radiation power curves really look.  Here are actual measurements taken on a minute by minute basis outside of Dallas Texas right before Christmas.

Look how sharply the power rises in the morning and quickly falls in the afternoon.  Only one “sunny” day that week and three near zero power days along with 3 days that were partly cloudy with big drops in power output that would mean brownouts or rolling blackouts if solar were a primary power source.

Already solar promoters are proposing a massive number of solar farms that they make money building and selling off to green investors.  Support the GET REAL Alliance to promote our realistic look at renewable energy and climate issues.  Time is short as the solar lobby is pushing for mandating solar by Government legislation and our power reliability may  be a thing of the past if we don’t speak up for more reliable renewable power along with expanded use of natural gas powerplants to backup solar and wind power.  As you can see from the graph we really need a Megawatt of natural gas powerplant for each Megawatt of solar to have reliable power but currently the economics of building natural gas powerplants are hindered by grid politics and in many places actual bans on new plants.