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We’re in the middle of a post card campaign gathering up as much support as possible to help us in the fight for getting the right climate change proposal. With powers in the government shifting we’re seeing growing concerns in the climate change community and as the Get Real Alliance and a major donor to many of the smaller organizations we are looking for donations and social media exposure to help us achieve our goals.

Kiss the Ground is great

Kiss the ground

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The Documentary Kiss the Ground has a lot of positive information but pulls back from refuting the climate activist mantra that the primary focus needs to be on stopping carbon emissions.  Ignoring reality and what is possible is characteristic of the environmental left.  The movie on Netflix is well worth watching and sharing as it does a good job of telling the story of how the soil and plants are the key to resolving the issue of rising carbon dioxide levels.  It offers a realistic way forward that the Get Real Alliance promotes with some improvements that they don’t talk about.  I love the fact that they point out how positive for climate holistically managed cattle are with lots of good footage of Allan Savory and his successes around the world fighting desert.  There was also great pictures of the huge desert reclamation project done in China.  WE need good news and the film showcase a number of success stories as examples of what can be done if we focus on becoming regenerative in agriculture.  
There were several omissions that could reduce carbon levels more and improve agriculture more.  That is remineralization using basalt rock dust on land of all types and large scale making of biochar from dead wood and plants.  Sadly the great charity http://www.remineralize.org has a long history of proof of how well rock dust boosts plants and soil life but so many including so called climate experts don’t know about it.  It was sad that the film didn’t interview people who advocate for rock dust like Joanna Campe and Thomas Goreau.  Their very good book Geotherapy has detailed scientific studies showing 2 or 3 times greater growth for tree seedlings.  Think what we could see with sharply higher tree growth sucking up more carbon dioxide than man emits while we still use fossil fuel.  
We have real harmful policies being proposed by some Democrats to force America’s carbon emissions down not in the most sensible way of shutting down the remaining coal plants as fast as possible and replacing them with far cleaner natural gas plants along with solar but saving coal with a very distant future goal of zero carbon emissions.  The wind and solar industry and lobbies are wanting their technology to be mandated by law instead of winning on their relative merits.  Wind and solar rely on substantial federal tax credits for their adoption and are seeing a large growth rate while still at a low percentage of the power supply.  It is easy to say you are a low cost source of power looking at dividing peak power output by the capital cost but you must have backup power for the vast majority of time when solar photovoltaics don’t make much or any power.  I am writing this on a rainy day which would be impossible if we were relying on solar.  Some talk of battery backup and progress is being made on batteries but proponents site the declining cost of battery storage ignoring the fact the cost per kw comes down due to very short power delivery times.  Having a short power delivery time means a lower cost per kw delivered relative to the size of the battery.  Much is made that a large battery installation maybe able to supply 100,000 homes with power for 2 hours but that means that it can only provide power to 10,000 homes for twenty hours.  No discussion is made of how many extra solar panels will be need to charge batteries sufficient to provide power for days of cloudy weather.  Or the fact that there isn’t enough material to build anywhere near the number of batteries needed.  
The other neglected major area of carbon sequestration is marine wetlands and reefs.  The Get Real Alliance promotes a large rejuvenation of these large carbon sinks so that they sequester more carbon.  You can learn more at http://www.globalreefalliance.org   They have lots of good information but don’t promote a major program like the Get Real Alliance does.  
We need your support at the http://www.getrealalliance.org to spread the word and promote our positive solution to climate change that is workable, affordable and fast acting.  Do watch the good movie but know that we can do a lot more and drawdown atmospheric levels while we still use oil and gas.  

David Munson speaks on the Leah Belding show

Leah belding show

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David Munson Jr went on the Leah Belding Show to discuss the presidential elections and his take on the whole climate change crisis. Using the show as a platform to promote the Get Real Alliance, which is a non profit founded by David, himself. David hopes to gain money donation along with email signups to his newsletter, which teaches about soil care and benefits on how soil can help fight climate change. David Munson Jr  would also love to see the world go carbon negative even with the use of natural gas as the main source of energy, which would be 55% less harmful than coal, which is currently the major source of energy in most parts of the world. 

Leah is now back with her new show, a call in format designed to deal with the current issues of today’s world and to gain feedback from her listening audience.

What are we missing? – How soil can play a helpful role in fighting against climate change

Fighting climate change with soil

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We look deeper into the whole situation dealing with climate change and a lot of the ideas being thrown around. Many ideas focusing on eliminating the harmful elements, which are believed to be causing climate change while moving forward with renewable energy sources that are “proven” to cause much less damages to the environment that can’t be restored. This is a false way of thinking especially knowing that soil plays a huge role absorbing the bad like carbon out of the air. In the video we go over the benefits of soil and its fight as the major player against climate change.

Focusing on a right climate change proposal that actually works

Fighting climate change

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We need to get serious about climate change and the future direction we are headed. Currently we are focused on the wrong sources of energy that we consider renewable and safe energy to use, which would push us from using coal, but the real fight is proving that many of the well marketed renewable energy don’t work and natural gas, which is a way better solution than coal should be the natural energy we focus on to help fight against climate change.

Key to success is respecting natural life around you which means love for the environment

Presidential Election 2020

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The election is nearing and proposals on the environment are being thrown around with no real intentions. David further explains that with wrong proposals, no good will come from it and only cause harm while accelerating climate change. With concerns of climate change David reminds us to love our neighbor and to care about those around us while giving god the wheel to help steer us into the right direction.

Help Us by Being Counted

Get Real Alliance Logo

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The GET REAL Alliance is a young advocacy group that is doing research on climate issues, providing insight and hoping to influence the climate debate towards a better and more positive solution.  We are glad you have found us but to be effective we need you to both signup on our website and follow us on social media.  Numbers matter in so many ways for an advocacy group.  We hope you will find our distinctive realistic look at climate and related issues compelling.  We offer a better way to prepare for the future than those who just advocate for cutting man’s emissions with no attempt to make the environment better.  By signing up on the website you will be on our mailing list and get newsletters and notification when the very disruptive book: GET REAL: A Positive solution to climate is out.  Believe it or not it lays out how America and the World can be carbon negative in just a few years while we still use oil and gas.  IF you are somewhat skeptical about the seriousness of the climate change issue rest assured our program actually solves other problems that are beyond dispute.  These include growing deserts, soil loss, declining nutrition and hunger.
Much of the answer lies beneath our feet in the soil.  We can see life on top of the land but fail to realize that it represents less than 10% of life on earth with the vast majority being in the soil.  The sad fact is that soil life is actually at a low level due to the demineralized nature of much soil along with man’s use of toxic chemicals in many areas.  The base of the soil life food chain is rock nutrients and carbohydrates from plant roots.  Adding needed rock nutrients to the soil boosts soil life if it is not killed by man.  You can learn more about remineralization at http://www.remineralize.org and please sign up for their newsletter and donate to them.  Remineralization is a key strategy to make the world carbon negative as it is proven to make the plants and soil sequester more carbon.  You can learn a lot more by being involved with us in promoting basalt rock dust remineralization.  Imagine a world where the nutrition of abundant food is better than the past instead of being drastically lower in key nutrients as it is today. 
Help us produce position papers and spread the word about our positive viewpoint by signing up, joining and ideally donating to proclaim the good news. Numbers count and will help us with donors who like to see growing support.  We are doomed to a dark future if current climate proposals are adopted which do nothing positive about saving the soil and only slow the rise of carbon dioxide.  This year we see what decades of bad forest management have wrought while some politicians carry on about climate change being responsible.  The GET REAL alliance advocates for a active bold program of restoring forests to health thru remineralization and removal of dead wood.  We need realism and that is what the words GET REAL advocate!!!  Join us in our fight.

Texas Philanthropist Makes Remineralization Part of His Christian Mission

David Munson

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Love your neighbor as yourself’ is not only the Second Great Commandment as cited by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, but it’s the mantra by which David Munson operates — both when he’s booking guests on his Dallas-Fort Worth-area TV show, as well when he advocates on behalf of remineralization to politicians.

“There’s a fight between good and evil going on in this world,” he says. “You can either be on the good side or the bad side. You can either be working to make the world a better place, or you could be pulling it down and mining it and just living for immediate pleasure.”

As for his digital program (available on YouTube), Munson’s Christian faith has him interviewing people who through their good works and charity strive to contribute to a better world for all. When it comes to his passion for remineralization, Munson says, it too falls under the neighborly love theme, because people need healthy, abundant food, and they need a clean environment, which rock dust can help achieve by promoting soil carbon sequestration.

It solves the rising carbon dioxide problem as it solves the soil depletion problem. By increasing the ability of soil to soak up water and air, pollution is minimized as is soil runoff. My goal is to promote soil remineralization and soil revitalization to solve the carbon dioxide crisis and to ensure humanity doesn’t starve to death in a few decades.”

Munson first became aware of remineralization after his family bought a commercial ranch in the 1980s along the Red River in northeastern Texas.

He says: It had a mixture of river bottom soil, which was fertile, and native upland soils that were depleted, demineralized and infertile. I saw how important soil is to productivity, going from soil that would grow huge, abundant crops to depleted lands with very little topsoil and infertile subsoil that basically grew almost nothing.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Munson started studying soil fertility and remineralization, applying concentrated rock dust like limestone and dolomite and other rocks, based on soil tests of what nutrients his soils were lacking.

“We boosted our production dramatically by balancing soil nutrients and trace elements in the soil on the ranch,” he said, adding basalt rock also carries some unique, beneficial remineralization qualities that are almost intangible. “I think one of the reasons people have seen big increases by using basalt rock dust in remineralizing soils is magnetism.

“Magnetism is kind of an unusual force that works in the world, and we don’t really understand all the ways life interacts with magnetism. But we know with these soils that when they’re high in paramagnetic qualities and have a mild magnetic attraction, they grow some of the best foods, and basalt is high in paramagnetism.”

A different kind of environmentalist

While passionate about soil and environmental issues, Munson might not be what everyone would consider as a typical environmentalist. He is, after all, co-owner of some partially-developed natural gas reserves, and he believes development of natural gas as a cleaner, lower-emissions hydrocarbon alternative to coal is vital to combating climate change while also ensuring stable, plentiful and independent access to energy for the United States.

Unlike coal, he notes, natural gas-fired power plants easily can be turned on and off to accommodate renewables such as wind and solar, which only provide electricity when the wind actually blows or the sun is shining.

As for combating climate change, Munson clearly sees remineralization as the preferred method. He has decided to devote substantial energy to supporting Remineralize the Earth, both in terms of raising money and advocacy.

I’ve reached out to other people to donate, I’ve donated myself, and I’m working hard to build more support for the organization,” he says, noting he has also spoken with politicians, including recently meeting with the staff of Sen. Ted Cruz to discuss remineralization options. I have had meetings with several congressmen about remineralization, trying to build support through legislation in the future. We’ll see what I can accomplish.”

He added: “People want to protect the soil and save the soil, and I think it’s possible to change the dialogue. Even for people who are not as convinced that global warming is as big a threat, it’s still a risk.

Making the world a better place

Remineralization is an important part of Munson’s Christian mission, and he has discussed the topic repeatedly on his regular broadcast, as well as with the politicians, farmers and everyday people with whom he comes in contact.

“I’m speaking with people I meet with about [remineralization], and I’m trying to work with some landowners in the North Texas area to do trial plots,” he says. I have one man doing a very smallscale rock dust plot, and I want to work with some commercial farmers to do trial applications to their fields of significant size. I’m trying to raise money and gather donations for the cause.

The Texas philanthropist hopes others will join him in reaching out to their legislators to advocate on behalf of rock dust, as well as financially supporting the cause by donating to such groups as RTE.

We desperately need broad-based support,” he says, adding the remineralization cause desperately needs people to share information and build awareness on rock dust’s potential as a tool for soil carbon sequestration that helps produce abundant, nutritious crops in the process.

“This is a very positive message about empowering people to grow more food and do more things.”

Being a person of god while fighting climate change

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Being a person of god while fighting climate change during these COVID times

With COVID comes many limitations, but still remaining true to god and being a good neighbor, which really means being kind to those who fall into our paths. Being a good human also includes getting involved and being a positive influence in the fight against the climate crisis. We look to educate as many on this topic and hope many see the importance of our current climate issue and help save what we have left.