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The Documentary Kiss the Ground has a lot of positive information but pulls back from refuting the climate activist mantra that the primary focus needs to be on stopping carbon emissions.  Ignoring reality and what is possible is characteristic of the environmental left.  The movie on Netflix is well worth watching and sharing as it does a good job of telling the story of how the soil and plants are the key to resolving the issue of rising carbon dioxide levels.  It offers a realistic way forward that the Get Real Alliance promotes with some improvements that they don’t talk about.  I love the fact that they point out how positive for climate holistically managed cattle are with lots of good footage of Allan Savory and his successes around the world fighting desert.  There was also great pictures of the huge desert reclamation project done in China.  WE need good news and the film showcase a number of success stories as examples of what can be done if we focus on becoming regenerative in agriculture.  
There were several omissions that could reduce carbon levels more and improve agriculture more.  That is remineralization using basalt rock dust on land of all types and large scale making of biochar from dead wood and plants.  Sadly the great charity has a long history of proof of how well rock dust boosts plants and soil life but so many including so called climate experts don’t know about it.  It was sad that the film didn’t interview people who advocate for rock dust like Joanna Campe and Thomas Goreau.  Their very good book Geotherapy has detailed scientific studies showing 2 or 3 times greater growth for tree seedlings.  Think what we could see with sharply higher tree growth sucking up more carbon dioxide than man emits while we still use fossil fuel.  
We have real harmful policies being proposed by some Democrats to force America’s carbon emissions down not in the most sensible way of shutting down the remaining coal plants as fast as possible and replacing them with far cleaner natural gas plants along with solar but saving coal with a very distant future goal of zero carbon emissions.  The wind and solar industry and lobbies are wanting their technology to be mandated by law instead of winning on their relative merits.  Wind and solar rely on substantial federal tax credits for their adoption and are seeing a large growth rate while still at a low percentage of the power supply.  It is easy to say you are a low cost source of power looking at dividing peak power output by the capital cost but you must have backup power for the vast majority of time when solar photovoltaics don’t make much or any power.  I am writing this on a rainy day which would be impossible if we were relying on solar.  Some talk of battery backup and progress is being made on batteries but proponents site the declining cost of battery storage ignoring the fact the cost per kw comes down due to very short power delivery times.  Having a short power delivery time means a lower cost per kw delivered relative to the size of the battery.  Much is made that a large battery installation maybe able to supply 100,000 homes with power for 2 hours but that means that it can only provide power to 10,000 homes for twenty hours.  No discussion is made of how many extra solar panels will be need to charge batteries sufficient to provide power for days of cloudy weather.  Or the fact that there isn’t enough material to build anywhere near the number of batteries needed.  
The other neglected major area of carbon sequestration is marine wetlands and reefs.  The Get Real Alliance promotes a large rejuvenation of these large carbon sinks so that they sequester more carbon.  You can learn more at   They have lots of good information but don’t promote a major program like the Get Real Alliance does.  
We need your support at the to spread the word and promote our positive solution to climate change that is workable, affordable and fast acting.  Do watch the good movie but know that we can do a lot more and drawdown atmospheric levels while we still use oil and gas.