Get Real Alliance

“Environmental care should be our way of life”
– David Munson Jr

David Munson speaks on the Leah Belding show

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David Munson Jr went on the Leah Belding Show to discuss the presidential elections and his take on the whole climate change crisis. Using the show as a platform to promote the Get Real Alliance, which is a non profit founded by David, himself. David hopes to gain money donation along with email signups to his newsletter, which teaches about soil care and benefits on how soil can help fight climate change. David Munson Jr  would also love to see the world go carbon negative even with the use of natural gas as the main source of energy, which would be 55% less harmful than coal, which is currently the major source of energy in most parts of the world. 

Leah is now back with her new show, a call in format designed to deal with the current issues of today’s world and to gain feedback from her listening audience.